Help America Corp.

In operation since 1994, Help America Corporation is a South Texas third-party vendor established in Harlingen, Texas

Help America is a full service company who understands the logistics of assisting a self-pay patient.  After discovering that the indigent population, particularly the undocumented section, was highly under served and costly to local medical providers, Help America saw a need.  Using techniques that no other company to date has duplicated, Help America has solidified its niche in the third party industry.  Our combination of compassion and efficiency, coupled with a stellar reputation among South Texas medical providers, is what sets Help America apart from its competitors. In the 25+ years that Help America has been in operation, our company has not only aided thousands of patients with their unexpected medical expenses, but has also assisted medical providers in the recovery of millions of dollars in revenue annually.

Our belief is that any primary third party provider should be able to accurately determine third party qualification within five business days of admission to a medical facility.  Regardless of our placement position, Help America guarantees patient qualification within that time frame once contact with the patient has been established. We examine all programs to try and find the best type of assistance for our patients.

Our Vision and Mission

“To provide personal attention to each patient and their family in resolving medical bills in the most professional manner possible.  Using a trademark combination of compassion and efficiency, we will always ensure patients are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve while navigating them through the process of economic recovery for our client facilities.”

Help America realizes that real families with real needs cannot be left in the hands of overwhelmed government agencies and automated systems. We assist those patients and their families through the third party assistance process, while identifying those who will never qualify for assistance and may be considered for charity qualification.  Our company looks beyond the basic qualifying factors and aims to assist patients of all backgrounds.  We are a “hands on” company who maintains the necessary level of contact with the patient and their family to successfully obtain aid.  It is because of this that Help America Corporation continues to lead the way in re-shaping the third party assistance field.

Help America guarantees…

That our team will follow the appropriate chain of command within your organization, as well as communicate information accordingly

  1. We will work with our client hospitals directly to ascertain how, when, and who information is relayed to using various means of communication
  2. Our client hospitals need only outline expectations and/or special arrangements to be coordinated with appropriate staff to ensure results

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    Hours of Operation

    Monday- Friday: 8.00 am - 6.00 pmSaturday: Hours vary by FacilitySunday: Hours vary by Facility


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