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    Pre-Registration for Obstetric Patients in the RGV

    We offer FREE services to our pregnant patients to ensure a happy and healthy delivery. Pre-register with our Doctors for check-ups, medication, and the best care for you and your baby.

    Our unique services are what set Help America apart from our competitors. Our service of pre-registering obstetric patients is no exception. Help America is the only agency in the Rio Grande Valley to offer pre-registration services to obstetric patients. Since its inception, our company has provided the service of pre-registering patients in every facility we partner with. Help America even has a 97% approval rate on all obstetric accounts.

    How does Help America help Obstetric Patients?

    We have carefully crafted and engineered a system that caters to private-pay expectant mothers, particularly for disadvantaged patients. Help America has discovered that our system ensures patient compliance and follow-up and reduces the number of obstetric patient drop-ins.Because patients are pre-qualified prior to arriving to our client’s facilities, this allows for proper pre-natal medicine practices. This reduces the liability for both our clients and their doctors, allowing for happy and healthy patients. Our clients are added to an already growing network of facilities, allowing our patients the opportunity to choose where they deliver!

    How do I become a patient?

    Do you need medical treatment, but you don’t have insurance?

    At Help America Corporation, we aim to ease the financial burden from medical bills for our patients in Harlingen, Weslaco, Mission, Edinburg, and other locations in the Rio Grande Valley who go to our client hospitals.

    To become a Help America patient, just click the button below or fill out the form on this page to get started!

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    Medical Bill Assistance RGV

    At Help America Corporation, we aim to serve underprivileged patients by providing better access to medical care while also easing the financial burden from our client hospitals in Harlingen, Weslaco, Mission, Edinburg, and other locations in the Rio Grande Valley.